Satory Designs

Let's get started with phase 1.

This phase defines the parameters of the project - What are the needs and goals, the scope of services to be provided, the schedule, and the contractual agreement.

Satory Designs

This phase is a broad-brush overview of all aspects of the project.

  • Evaluation of existing documentation and conditions
  • Creation of the Design Concept
  • Space planning
  • Budget development
  • Preliminary floor plans
Satory Designs

Once conceptual design is approved the designer begins or continues with:

  • Detailed Drawings such as wall elevations, lighting plans, and cabinetry
  • Custom details such as fireplaces, columns, and arches
  • Lighting, electrical, and communications requirements
  • Selection of products, materials, and finishes
    • Millwork, windows & doors
    • Cabinetry and countertops
    • Plumbing and lighting
    • Wall, floor, and ceiling treatments
    • Furnishings & fabrics
Satory Designs

All final documentation of the design is included in this phase.

  • Finalized architectural drawings and specifications
  • FF&E (Furniture, Furnishings, & Equipment) specifications
Satory Design

This phase is the final step in the execution of the project.

  • Review of shop drawings (products, materials, & finishes)
  • Onsite-meetings
  • Creative problem solving
  • On-going collaboration with contractor and subs